The World of Gwdihw, Bardd of Conwy



Beyond the bounds of time.


      Richard was born in Nairobi in 1929, later living in Walsall where he painted from the age of 10.  He trained in Psychiatry at The Maudsley and practised as a Psychiatrist in places which included The North Wales Hospital.  At the age of 40 he studied art at The Slade and this stimulated him to work with different techniques, especially silk screen printing.  When he moved to Conwy in 1987 he printed at The Conwy Print Workshop and set up Gyffin Studio Pottery.

     Richard has explored many worlds and some of his paintings focus on the realms of Nature where CARROT FLOWERS seed, ground parrots grub, and the pike lurks.  In Caribbean circles he was known as THE PIKE;  this predator was Richardís guide to the underwater world below and the world of air above where dragon flies hover.

       The threatened TIGER hunted for its bones for aphrodisiacs shows that humans are successful predators, his woodcut GIVE US YOUR BONES says it all Ė Richard always passionately defended the worlds of nature.    EVERYONE NEEDS PREDATORS shows two pikes lying in waiting for their victims. 

     THE COSMESIS OF DAGGY shows the camel being stripped by locusts and turned into a poodle. 

          Richardís friendly pictures include  BELL FLOWERS, FOXGLOVES intertwining with figs, almost bare rooted trees reaching for the sky.  The animal world is represented by CELTIC FRIESIANS, CHAROLLAIS SHEEP.  He was worried about how his other pictures would be received and said;  Ďmy dark pictures are political, contentious and conceptualí.

       The dark pictures explore the Unconscious and maze of the mind (HENGE) and the shadows playing there (LYRE TREE).

     MATAMATA exemplifies his dark side, where the native American Indian joyously discovers a turtle which waits for victims, motionless. Here it is a victim itself to the delight of the American Indian who is both reverential, excited and happy to have found food.    

     Other faces of Richardís Spirit World peer out in portraits of CELTIC GODDESS, AGRO IN THE SPIRIT HOUSE.  But time ran out for Richard when cancer was diagnosed early in 2000.  He painted portraits of characters from the Mabinogian like Lady Arianrhod.  His last work CARBON:  the Origin of life balances his illness and death.  This glimpse into Richardís soul shows that all his between the world journeys have been magical and his spirit lives on in his art.     

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