The World of Gwdihw, Bardd of Conwy



Ceridwen, etching by GwdihwTry this for relaxation....

The Pathway of Ceridwen

Try to sit comfortably or lie down, the latter position is preferable.  Keep your arms and legs uncrossed and breathe deeply, relaxing a few minutes before starting your pathworking.  First of all relax your lower body and then relax your upper body: arms and hands, shoulders and neck.  Continue upwards relax your facial muscles.

Imagine an enormous tree with a huge trunk.  You climb down the inside of this tree and there are chinks of light to help you.  You place your feet on wooden branch steps and there are other branches to hold on to.  When you reach the bottom you see a door with a sign on it.  Open the door carefully.

You enter a wood and see an ancient man sitting on the tree opposite you, he smiles and tells you his name is Cernunnos, Lord of the Beasts and the Forest.  He is here to protect you on your path and he is the Guardian.  If at any time you feel worried or frightened you can rest in the grove of trees which is opposite, and he points his hand towards the group of trees nearby.  You hear him speak again: "You can have some help and guidance from one of the creatures from the wood, the creature will be your friend so accept help whether the creature be furred, feathered or scaled.  Do not be afraid.  I have this club that I will place upon the ground to call your helper."  When you hear the club resonate you will see your guide creature coming towards you, welcome it and follow, whether it is furred, feathered or scaled it comes in friendship so trust and follow your guide.  If no creature comes to you, wait until you dream or maybe later in your journey a creature will come to you.

Your creature comes towards you and welcomes you.  Your guide takes you into the grove of trees, see them clearly and choose one tree and ask its permission to touch its trunk and receive a blessing, then lean against the tree and feel the energy of the tree coming up and down your spine, this is a way of healing any fear or apprehension and this will give you strength.  it is time to move on and you walk across to the other side of the grove and take a path leading down into the wood.

The way is clear and it is sunny and the air is fresh.  You can smell pine needles that have fallen and the ground is soft and mossy.  You hear birds singing and the buzz of insects.  You feel tranquil and enjoy the sound of a stream nearby.  You walk towards a clearing in a wood.  You see smoke rising in the distance and you walk towards the clearing and see a stone, slate roofed cottage.  Herbs and skins are drying outside.  You wonder who lives there and the door opens and a wizened, brown as a berry, leathery faced old woman appears and welcomes you inside.  You feel perfect trust as your creature leads you inside.  You sit down in front of a large fire where a cauldron simmers, it is dark inside the cottage and difficult to make out the rest of the room.

The old woman speaks: "I am the Wise One, you are welcome here to shed all of your fear, put it onto the cauldron and drink my brew if you wish for better things. Inspiration and wisdom could be yours now, if you wish."  You drink from the cup if you wish.  Whatever you do it is time to rest and restore your energy.  You lie down inside the cottage and feel very relaxed, tranquil and happy.  You go into a deep sleep and it is a surprise when the Wise One awakens you and you realise that the sun is setting and it is getting dark, sevreal hours must have passed when you were asleep.  You feel very strong, as though your energy is renewed.  You thank the Wise One for her hospitality.

Your Guide creature awaits you outside the cottage and you return uphill to the grove of trees, but this time you do not linger but you smile at the tree that helped you.  Your body feels very powerful and good as you walk through the grove to the huge tree with the door.  Cernunnos is no longer sitting there.  You turn to thank your guide creature for the help and caring you have received.  You walk though the door into the hollow chamber and climb up inside the tree to the top.

Now you are sitting or lying down in the room where you started, you can feel the support behind your body and you are aware of the place you started from, glad to be back, feeling stronger and acknowledging that your energy is more positive.  Maybe you think to yourself, was the Wise One actually Ceridwen herself?